5 Best Hotels for Girls & Sex in Bohol

Last updated: July 20th, 2018 | in Bohol | Hotels | Visayas

My little series about all the fun and “pleasure” you can find on Bohol comes to an end. Last week I wrote several guides on the different places to find girls in Bohol, and today I will give you some recommendations on booking a “suitable” hotel for your trip.

Like everywhere else in the Philippines, you have to be very careful with your decision on where to stay.

Most guys just do a little research about the best beach with nightlife and girls – that’s without doubt Alona Beach. There you can find all the girly bars, night clubs, beach bars, street hookers, western restaurants – and also the biggest range of hotels and guesthouses.

Now, it doesn’t really matter which hotel on Alona Beach you choose in terms of walking distance to the beach or different nightlife spots, but whether your hotel allows you to bring a girl back to your room or not – that’s what is commonly known as guest friendly.

Unfortunately, most hotels don’t allow female guests after 10pm (sometimes not even before that), or they ask for a “joiner fee” of a thousand Pesos. That’s really annoying so in today’s guide I’ll help you avoid these scenarios.

Here are the 5 best hotels if you want to have sex with a Bohol girl in your room:

Alona Gecko Inn

Best Hotel with Girls in Bohol

This is where I stayed on my trip to Bohol last month. With room rates for just about 1,500 Pesos per night, it offers great value for money. It’s owned by a German expat who did a great job building these simple, but really modern and functional rooms. Everything there is new, especially the air con, I even had to ask them for an additional blanket.

I didn’t have a problem bringing a girl here. The only thing I think is annoying here is that they don’t allow you to wash your clothes in the bathroom and hang them outside. But all in all, I don’t know another hotel that offers a better value, so I will probably stay there again in the future.

Alona Northland Resort

Bohol Hotel for SexWith room rates from about 70 USD per night, the Alona Northland Resort is more on the pricier side, but comes with some additional perks. Most notable is the swimming pool in front of the hotel. And the room price also includes a breakfast. The location isn’t that great though, it’s about 1,000m to the beach. But they do have a shuttle service bringing you there in 30-minute intervals. Still, I think this place is overpriced and Alona Gecko Inn (see above) offers a much better value for money.

Bohol Wonderlagoon Resort

Guest Friendly Hotel in BoholAnother guest friendly hotel in Bohol with a nice swimming pool. But if you read through some of the reviews on Agoda, you will always find the same complaint: It’s quite far away from the beach – and also the bars. There is no shuttle service so you will either have to walk there (2km) or rent a motorcycle. And the room rates aren’t cheap either: Their deluxe rooms cost 50 USD per night. I would only recommend you to book the Wonderlagoon Resort if all other hotels on this list are fully booked.

Henann Resort Alona Beach

Alona Beach HotelThat’s the most famous hotel in Alona – if not in all of Bohol. The Henann Resort has the prime location right at the beach. It’s super beautiful with its swimming pool that offers views of the ocean. They also have the nicest beach bar in the area, with live music every day. This is really the place to see and to be seen. But like you can imagine, it has its price tag: Their cheapest rooms are the “Premier Rooms” which cost about 165 USD per night (including breakfast). However, if you meet a girl in one of the bars, and you tell her that you stay at the Henann, you probably won’t have to work hard convincing her to join you there – which woman wouldn’t like to spend a night in the nicest hotel of the island.

Villa Almedilla

Panglao Bohol HotelI usually also include a budget hotel in these guides, so here you go: The Villa Almedilla has rooms for only 25 USD per night. The great thing about this place is that it’s only 2 minutes walk to the beach. Almost unbelievable for this price. And of course that also means you are in the middle of the action, with plenty of restaurants and bars to meet a nice girl for the night. It’s certainly an advantage if you can tell her that you stay literally around the corner, so you can take a “rest” in your air conditioned room.