Complete Guide to Girly Bars in Bohol

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Bohol Bar Girls

The girly scene in Bohol is in no way comparable to other major tourist destinations in the Philippines, like Boracay, Cebu and Angeles. You might even walk around the area near your hotel at night, and find nothing more than a few old bars and sketchy looking KTVs.

So let me tell you the most important thing right away:

There is only one area with girly bars in Bohol – Alona Beach. That’s the nicest and most developed beach town on Bohol’s small sister island, Panglao. Don’t worry, you are technically still in Bohol, but it seems like they have just decided to establish the tourist facilities there, because it’s not all too far away from the ferry terminal in Tagbilaran (well, actually it’s still about 19km away).

And before you get high expectations of go go bars comparable to Angeles or bikini bars comparable to Cebu, let me tell you that you won’t find any of these types of bars on Bohol. Yes, it’s a big tourist destination, but the majority of travelers here are young couples and families instead of sex tourists seeking cheap local pussy.

But fortunately, there is another type of girly bar on Alona Beach. It’s not the type of place that has girls employed to entertain the male customers (so called “bar girls”), but rather regular bars that attract lots of young, sexy and open Filipina girls who are not employed by the bar (so called “freelancers”), or even normal girls who are just looking for fun, or maybe a new boyfriend.

In this guide I will give you the complete overview to the girly bar scene in Bohol, the best venues, what to expect when visiting them, ratings on the girls and atmosphere, pictures, videos as well as a map with all the locations.

Let’s start with the topic you are probably most interested in:

The 2 Best Girly Bars in Bohol (Alona Beach)

One 4 Da Road

Best Girly Bar in Bohol

If you walk along Alona Beach Road you will find more than a dozen of bars, and in my opinion the best one is One 4 Da Road. Why? Well, it’s the only place where you can go at any time of the day and be sure to find some really attractive girls.

I’m mainly talking about the waitresses here. They are all local Bohol girls, very charming, young and for the most part – pretty hot. Don’t make the mistake though and think they are bar girls who you can buy lady drinks and pay their bar fines later to have sex in your hotel. It doesn’t work like that.

Yes, these girls are not primarily working in the bar to earn good money (even though their salaries and tips are much better than in any Filipino business on the island), but to meet a foreigner sooner or later. Some of them already have boyfriends abroad, some not. I even got to know a girl who just turned 18 (the one in the yellow shirt), super cute and she invited me to go to the church with her. Different story.

And what I also really like about One 4 Da Road, that also has guest rooms in the back, is that the bar is half open air and it feels great to just sit at the bar and watch the happenings in the bar and the people walking up and down the street to the beach. Or to play a few pool games (great tables!) either with one of the lovely girls or with the other tourists or expats.

  • Girls: 7/10
  • Atmosphere: 9/10

Helmut’s Place

Helmut Bar Bohol

Helmut’s Place is kind of an institution in the Bohol bar scene. It’s owned by a German and by far the most popular hang out spot for expats. But there are also many tourists drinking in this bar every night, and that’s not so much because of good marketing they are doing, but because of the perfect location at the main intersection in Alona Beach (see the map below).

This is the most popular bar for local Filipina girls coming to meet foreigners. Some of them are freelance hookers, some not. And when the bar closes at 2am, many of the guests continue drinking in nearby Pinarella Bay, which is the most popular night club in Bohol just 100m down the street.

There is also a pool table in Helmut’s Place, but the quality isn’t nearly as good as in One 4 Da Road. Anyway, it’s still a good opportunity to meet other people – not just tourists, but also Filipina girls.

  • Girls: 7/10
  • Atmosphere: 7/10

Apart from One 4 Da Road and Helmut’s Place, there are plenty of other bars in the same street as well as on the beach promenade, such as Jasz BarReggae Bar Aliahailey and Caluna Beach Lounge. You may see some Filipina girls in these bars too, but usually not as many as in the places mentioned above.

Overview Map of Girly Bars in Bohol

How it works in Bohol’s Girly Bars

Bar Girl in BoholLike already mentioned earlier, these are “normal” bars without the bar fine system.

So for example, if you go to One 4 Da Road, you can just sit down somewhere and order a beer. The waitresses are usually quite talkative and if you can create some chemistry, and keep the ball rolling for a few hours, you shouldn’t have problems to get her phone number or Facebook contact.

Then you can meet her after she finishes work or the following day, eat or drink something together (or go on a trip to the Chocolate Hills?) and after that inviting her to your hotel to “watch a movie” or so.

So just imagine these places as regular bars with the small difference that they have some very open minded, single girls working. And not just the waitresses:

You will often also see other Filipina girls drinking in these bars – some of them are here on holiday and looking for fun, others are local girls looking for fun, or for a boyfriend, or, in some cases, for a little bit cash (in that case it should be much easier and quicker to bring her back to your room).

Prices for Drinks, Girls & Sex in Bohol’s Girly Bars

The last thing you probably want to know is how much money you should bring when going to the bars in Bohol with the goal to eventually leave with a girl. Well, that’s quite easy: Since there aren’t any bar girls employed in these bars, you don’t have to pay for expensive lady drinks, but just the regular price that’s on the menu. Similar for the bar fine – there is none.

As for the drink prices – I thought it’s a good idea to just take a photo of the drink menu in Helmut’s Place. Like usually very fair prices:

Bohol Girly Bar Prices

So how much to pay for sex? Well, if you get on well with one of the girls in these bars, and she is not a freelancer, then of course you don’t need to pay any more than your drinks and her drinks. But if she turns out to be a hooker, then you can give her 1,000 Pesos, or maximum 1,500 Pesos if she’s really young and attractive (but always afterwards).

But really, there aren’t any fixed rules for the girls in the bars. You never really know what to expect from them until it’s time to invite her back to your room. So just take it easy, you will figure it out. Enjoy, and let me know of any questions in the comments.

Videos of Girly Bars in Bohol


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