My Personal Filipino Cupid Review

Last updated: September 14th, 2018 | in Filipina Girls

Girl on Filipino CupidWith more than 3.5 million active members Filipino Cupid is the biggest online dating site in the Philippines and so I thought to write a review about it today.

It is free to sign up, create your profile, upload photos and browse through the huge selection of single Filipinas all over the country, but once you want to contact the girls means send them messages you will be required to upgrade your account to a paid membership (about $13/month).

It’s important to be aware of that and this is one of the main differences to Pina Love which is a completely free dating site. Needless to say that there are a lot of, well, not so gentlemen like guys over there that overload the girls with “dating” requests and are quite open of what they are really out for. The consequence is that Pina Love is really the best site to arrange one night stands (sure with exceptions) while Filipino Cupid is more known for serious relationship kind of dating:

The sign up process is pretty simple: You just go to the home page (see link above), fill in your name, gender, password and email. Then click on Join and you get to the members area right away – without even confirming your email address. That’s quite fair because like this you get to check out the members first before even thinking about paying for a membership.

On the left side of the screen you will find a search box and that works really handy: You can filter the girls according to your preferences: Country (interestingly there are other countries to choose from, especially Thailand has a huge number of members as well), State (or rather city), within a certain radius (in kms) from a certain city, has photo (you want to make sure to check this box) and last active (within week, within month etc).

After you have filled in your preferences and clicked on the Search button below you will get to the results page where the most important things are visible so you can browse through hundreds of girls in no time: Their profile picture, username, age, short description, location, seeking and last login. If you like one of the girls you can click on her snippet to get to her profile page where you can find more pictures and much more information about her.

Filipino Cupid Review

One thing that’s great here is the “match criteria” illustration right next to the user’s information/preferences. That saves you a lot of time by just looking for many green dots instead of reading through it – especially when you are browsing a lot of girls. This is one of the reasons why Filipino Cupid is so popular among people who are looking for a real relationship, because of the great illustrations if you guys would be a good fit for each other.

If you scroll further down the profile page you can find even much more information about her including very specific things like willing to relocate, number of children, age of children, best feature and facial hair (in case she provided this info). Let’s get onto the next part of the Filipino Cupid review:

Contacting the Girls on Filipino Cupid

Filipino Cupid Profile Page

Next you probably want to contact one of the girls but for that you will need to upgrade your account to premium membership. At about $13 a month (depending how many months you sign up) this gives you quite a good deal since you have far less competition and better chances arranging dates compared to all the free dating sites. Why? Well it’s easy:

Just imagine how many messages even the average looking girls receive every day on Pina Love and that’s because the site is free to use for the guys (for the girls it’s always free). And that’s the reason why you find a lot more pros on the free sites who make it more or less obvious in their profile description that they are looking for some sort of “support”.

It’s quite different with Filipino Cupid: Since the guys pay for their membership there are not nearly as many scams going on and therefore the girls are a lot nicer and more open for “real dates” instead of just quick pay for play meet ups.

I would still recommend you write something different than “Hey, how are you? You’re really cute!” because you can imagine that this is the standard message those girls receive all the time. I always look at their picture first (obviously) then if we have some green dots matching our interests and then at their pictures in more detail and if there is something I can refer to in my first message.

Remember that the first message to a girl is always the first important one. If she doesn’t reply to that one your chances will be very low with the second message. But if she answers you chances will be great to just continue the conversation and eventually ask her out.

So if she has lots of travel pictures ask her if she likes traveling, if she has been abroad and that you love to travel too. That way your message will stand out from all the other ones that are just going like “hey” or “what’s up” or “Hi, what’s your name?”. Or if you see her sitting in front of a computer ask her if that is her work place and what’s her job (you’ll find a lot more office girls, call center girls and just girls with regular day jobs on Filipino Cupid compared to most other sites). Or if she has a picture of a nice car, nice watch or whatever make a joke and ask if her boyfriend bought it for her. Just find something interesting in her pictures that you can refer to.

The Final Step: Arranging Dates on Filipino Cupid

Once she has replied to your first message it’s usually quite easy to continue with small talk. Ask her what she does, where she comes from and just mention that you are traveling (or even living?) in the Philippines. Just keep the ball rolling and at one point you can ask her out for a coffee, dinner or drink.

Tip: Ask her for her facebook before you arranging the date. You want to see more pictures of her (especially ones without filter, less make up and full body) to avoid the scenario of you thinking “she looked so much better in the pics, I wish I had asked out the other one!”

Perfect places to take Filipina girls on your first date are the shopping malls. They are just the perfect dating location with many restaurants and cafés to choose from or even to just take a stroll around and do window shopping. There are usually also cinemas on the top floors of the malls but I don’t really like that for the first date as you just keep quiet while watching a movie. Probably better for the second or third date. But Pinays are generally open to pretty much everything as long as you pay for it.

And well, if the date goes well you can just try and ask her if she wants to “watch a movie” at your place. That’s the politest way to tell her that you find her attractive and would like to, well you know what I mean. And that’s pretty much where I would like to end this post – you should be able to go from there yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Filipino Cupid and if you want to check out the girls yourself here is the link again: