Filipina Ladyboy or Girl – 5 Ways To Tell The Difference

Last updated: August 4th, 2023 | in Filipina Girls | Ladyboys

Filipina Ladyboy or GirlEveryone seems to know that there are so many ladyboys in the Philippines now (only Thailand has more), however some of them are just so beautiful and attractive that many guys just can’t figure it out when talking to them. What then often happens is a couple of hours later the shock (or surprise) is big when they take off her clothes and discover a penis instead of a pussy.

At the same time long term expats who have some more experience in telling the difference laugh behind your back when they see you have assumed she is a lady and walk out of the place hand in hand. However, there are more and more guys who actually want to try out a sexual experience with a Filipina ladyboy.

Either way, being able to spot a ladyboy is quite an important skill to have over here no matter if you want to avoid them or actually seek contact with one and don’t feel comfortable asking whether she is a ladyboy or not which can be somewhat impolite. It usually comes with experience (trial and error), but if you visit the Philippines you might not have the necessary time and patience for that and that’s why I decided to write this post where I will show you five easy ways to go about telling the difference.

There are generally two different approaches to spotting a ladyboy. The first one is to look for signs on her body and the second one is by telling from her behavior (which obviously requires more experience).

1 – Does she have an Adam’s Apple?

Let’s start with the easier one: Her body. Look at her – does she have an Adam’s Apple? In 90% that’s a yes or no question, and if she has one you already know she’s a shemale. But even if she doesn’t seem to have one you should use at least one more of the described methods as they often put a lot of make up to hide these male signs, naturally got a very small one or even have undergone an Adam’s Apple Reduction (Chondrolaryngoplasty).

2 – The Finger Trick

There’s a much easier way than searching for the Adam’s Apple (and not looking totally awkward doing that) and that’s to simply look at her fingers: Is her ring finger longer than her index finger? If yes, then you have a Filipina ladyboy in front of you in 99% of the cases. For women it’s the other way around as they usually have longer index fingers than ring fingers.

3 – Behavior

There are also a few ways that you can tell whether you are dealing with a Filipina ladyboy or girl by looking at her behavior. In some cases this may not be that easy and require more experience, but often it’s just plain obvious like when she firmly grabs your arm just to greet and get your attention (freelancers like to do that and especially the ones on the street). Well, just ask yourself if you want her to grab your dick that same way.

Also, ladyboys are usually a lot more straightforward in their way to speak and come right to the point, whereas Filipina girls tend to have you read more between the lines. But of course there are always exceptions like some female prostitutes who may also be very direct in offering their services, but still normally you’d notice a difference to the ladyboys in “how much they want it” and if you say no they’d usually try ask again at least one more time – supposing you are dealing with hookers. Otherwise this may be a lot more difficult and you rather look at the body signs for now or continue reading for easier tips.

4 – Voice

Ladyboys change their voices when speaking to guys so that it sounds higher like that of a girl. It’s quite funny sometimes when they are with their friends you should immediately notice the difference when she turns to them, says something and suddenly her voice is much lower. But even if she is just by herself, you may be able to figure it out by carefully listening if she sounds “natural” or not.

5 – Ask her

If you used methods 1-4 and you are still not sure whether you are talking to a girl or ladyboy, well then just ask her. But do it in a polite way like: “Excuse me, I really don’t mean to offend you and this may sound a little bit strange, but are you a ladyboy?” And not like “Do ya got a dick?” And don’t make a serious face while saying that but instead smile so she’ll be okay. What’s quite common over here, when they indeed are a ladyboy they often say “What does it mean?” Of course everyone’s English is good enough to understand that, but that’s usually their way to say “yes”.

There you have five ways to spot a ladyboy in the Philippines, I hope you found it fun and funny to read through this piece, but it should be even more interesting to go out there and apply these tricks.

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