4 Best Places to Meet Girls in Philippines

Last updated: September 13th, 2023 | in Filipina Girls

Filipina GirlsIt’s no secret that this country is a true paradise for western guys to meet and sleep with Filipina girls, and there are more ways to go about this than you might think. Sure, the first thing that probably comes to your mind are freelancers and bar girls that seem to find you in every major tourist location in the Philippines (or you find them).

But then you don’t necessarily need to pay for sex if you are willing to meet some girls in the “real life” and that’s so much easier than back home in the States, Europe, Australia or whatever western country you are from where the women look at you like you are some kind of sketchy sales person when you give them a nice smile in public. Over here they not only give you a smile back, but it’s often even them who show interest in you and all you need to do is be polite, easy going, make a joke here or there and things will flow into the right direction with no effort.

I found Filipina girls to be the naughtiest type of women in all of Asia (yes that’s right, even more than Thai, Cambodian or Indonesian girls) and no matter if it’s your goal to sleep with as many of them as possible during your stay or actually look to find a girlfriend and serious relationship – here are the four different ways on how and where to meet them:

1. Filipina Hookers

The easiest way to meet and have sex with girls in the Philippines is obviously to simply go and buy yourself a hooker. It really doesn’t matter where you go – to the guys heaven of Angeles, Subic Bay, Manila, Cebu, Davao or even some smaller towns like Dumaguete or Tacloban – it’s never the question if there are any ladies around who would go with you for money, but rather how many there are.

Obviously if you go to Cebu the selection of girls is much bigger than in Puerto Princesa for example, but still you will find more sex workers than you could possibly handle really anywhere in this country. There are generally two types of hookers: freelancers, means they work by themselves and you would meet them in the bars, night clubs or even in the shopping malls or streets. And bar girls (or massage girls) which are girls who are employed by the bar (or massage salon) and while it may be a little safer to take them you will always pay a premium that goes to the owner of the place (e.g. bar fine, standard massage price).

Depending on the attractiveness of the girl, your negotiating skills, how well you get on with each other as well as the type of place (bikini bar, sports bar, night club etc.) the going rate for a prostitute including the bar fine is around 4,000 Pesos for a bar girl (there are some upscale KTVs and bikini bars though where they charge 6,000 Pesos and up) and around 1,500-3,000 Pesos for a freelancer. Much more detailed information here:

2. Filipina Girls in Bars and Clubs

Filipinas love to dance and party and so you could as well just go to one of the countless of bars and nightclubs that are found in every small and big city, order a beer and do some people watching. You can expect to get a lot of attention from the girls, especially if you dress casual smart (even normal pants and shoes will do to separate you from the standard tourist’s outfit).

However, what you should also expect is that it’s often really difficult to tell if that girl who is smiling at you is actually a freelancer going with men for money or just a random girl with an ordinary day job at Jollibee. Sometimes it’s a combination of both. Often you get to talk with them, everything seems normal and after you bought her second or third drink and make an attempt to invite her back to your room to “watch a movie” she would say sure, but can you pay me?

In other cases she doesn’t bring up the money topic at all and still expects you to give her some money afterwards (or the next morning) by talking about some of her smaller or bigger “problems”. The line between freelancers and girls who just want fun and new experiences is usually very thin here, but that makes it also quite exciting at the same time. Just take care of your belongings when you bring her back to your room, especially when taking a shower, and you should be fine. You can find the top lists of the best bars and clubs here:

3. Talking to Filipina Girls in Public

Just by walking randomly around town you will get plenty of looks from Filipina women, even more than in Thailand and that’s partly because there are fewer foreigners so you are more “special” over here. The best places to meet Filipina girls in public are definitely the shopping malls. First, they are in great mood when shopping and second they are not really in a rush or at work and that means you catch them at the perfect time.

The problem is that even though they do look at you as a foreigner a lot and even smile, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to make the first move talking to you. Filipina girls are shy in public and even though the malls are great to meet them you need to overcome the problem of them being too shy talking to you because they don’t like being watched by all the other people around you. You can find my tips and strategy on how to pick up girls in the malls in this post:

4. Meeting Filipina Girls on Online Dating Sites

If paying for hookers is not really your cup of tea, or you want to avoid spending time and money on the girls in the bars and clubs before it turns out that she’s actually a working lady too, or you find it too much effort to walk around the malls and randomly talk to girls in the hope to eventually score (and her to be single) then there is a fourth way to go about meeting girls in the Philippines:

The online dating sites. There are more people (both girls and guys) who sign up on these hugely popular sites every month and then conveniently arrange their dates from at home or anywhere really using their laptop or smartphone. Filipina girls may be very shy in public, but since they know that nobody is watching them chatting online they are a lot easier to talk to and more willing to agree meeting you for a drink, dinner or simply to “watch a movie in your room”.

There are many dating sites around, but the most popular free one is Pina Love. I have written a full post comparing the best sites that you can find here:

I hope you got a good overview now on how to meet girls in the Philippines, now I wish you fun and success to put these tips into practice!