Filipina Girls vs Thai Girls – More Fun In The Philippines?

Last updated: September 11th, 2023 | in Filipina Girls

Thailand has been by far the most popular place in Asia for foreigners for decades not only to have sex with hookers but also to find girlfriends and wives. At the same time the Philippines’ reputation as a paradise for westerners has been steadily increasing, similar to the number of tourists that arrive at Manila and Cebu international airports every year.

It’s about time to compare the two countries in terms of fun and entertainment or to be more precise: Who’s better – Filipina Girls or Thai Girls?

Filipina Girl Thai Girl

Being someone who lives in Bangkok and regularly travels to the Philippines I may be able to provide you with some general observations and comparisons, but of course it’s okay if you have different opinions based on your own experiences. Anyway, this post isn’t trying to give the definite answer on who is better (even though it may appear so if you scroll down to the end of this post), but rather a good ground for an open discussion.

So here we go, here’s the comparison between Filipina girls and Thai girls based on different criterias. You will find that some of them are more important if you mainly deal with hookers while others are more important in serious relationships.

Bodies & Attractiveness

The first thing that probably comes to your mind when making comparisons between the two countries: Who is more sexy, who’s got the better curves, who’s more beautiful? Now this is really a clash on the highest level as girls in both countries are in my opinion ten times as attractive as for example American, German, French or Australian women. But I would say that the first round goes to Filipina girls as they got, on average, slightly nicer hips, bigger breasts and more beautiful eyes. Filipina women also won the Miss Universe World contest several times in the past (e.g. 2018 & 2015).

  • 1 Point for Filipina Girls

Charisma & Charm

Thai girls tend to be (even) more shy in public than Pinays, but that makes them also quite charming and interesting. Also, because they try to avoid anyone losing their face through extensive discussions about issues and problems they just try to show their sweet side as much as they can. And even pretend to be happy when they feel different. On the other hand, Filipina ladies are more direct in their speaking and articulation (Christians/Buddhists) which also tends to be sexy because they know how to smile and use their body language just as good as Thai girls do. It really is a matter of taste and I see both of them on a similar great level in terms of charisma and charm.

  • 1 Point for both Filipina Girls and Thai Girls


While your role as the main financial caretaker in the relationship will be expected both in the Philippines and in Thailand (at least in the long run), this is one of the areas where I see a clear advantage for the Thai girls in terms of how they treat their boyfriends. As long as they feel safe, they’ll do everything to make you feel good and take care of the household or even the small little things, like when you go to the food court you could just sit down and let your Thai girl walk around to get the food, or when you left your apartment and notice you forgot something in your room she won’t complain but just go up and go get it. Or I remember when I went to the beach with that Filipina (office) girl in Boracay it was me who put off the sand from the blanket afterwards. Those little things to make your life more convenient, normally you wouldn’t have to tell Thai girls about it – they’d just do it without even asking.

  • 1 Point for Thai Girls


You don’t need a lot of experience to know that Filipina girls are a lot more passionate in bed and seem to enjoy it more than girls in Thailand. It often feels like Thai girls only do it to make the men happy while Filipinas want it just as much as you do. At the same time it really depends if you prefer that wild action. If we are talking about hookers – sure you definitely get much better value for your money. But if you are in a relationship with a girl, and we all know that the desire to have sex with the same woman rather decreases than increases over time, then I’d rather have my girlfriend not complaining why we didn’t do it for 3 days already. Anyway, this section is about sex as such and therefore we have a clear winner:

  • 1 Point for Filipina Girls


One of the main reasons why I prefer living in Thailand and rather visit the Philippines regularly is because of the food. Thai food is so much better, tastier, healthier and more diverse than in the Philippines where everything seems like fast food. Just ask a Filipina girl if she can cook, it’s very rare that she says yes. Sure, it might be similar with Thai girls at first, but that’s usually because they are scared that you don’t like it, but if you dig a bit further and let her actually do something they’ll definitely make a lot better cooks than Pinays. And they also feel genuinely happy to feed you too, as for Thais food is one of the most important things in life.

  • 1 Point for Thai Girls

English Skills

It wouldn’t be necessary to go into much detail here, because there’s no doubt that Filipinos speak so much better English than the Thais do and they also understand the western way of thinking a lot better. It’s not the right place to talk about the reasons for that, but let’s just look at how it is: It’s easier to approach a Filipina girl and have a normal chat than it is with a Thai girl. I could now start arguing that you should learn the local language anyway if you plan to have a serious relationship with girls of either country in order to really understand their way of thinking, but anyway this section is about the English skills and that’s an easy one:

  • 1 Point for Filipina Girls

Being the Boss in the Relationship

What I love about being with a Thai girl is that she lets you be the boss in the relationship or at least makes you feel like you are. Of course they have their own ways of persuading you doing things and making you think it was you who made the decisions, but generally it’s you who sits on the driving wheel and decides what to do and where to go. You don’t hear the phrase “up to you” in the Philippines nearly as often as you do in Thailand and that’s because Pinays are more direct in explaining what they want. Again I think this is strongly related to the different cultural characteristics of Buddhism and Christianity. Girls in the Philippines also want to be entertained more than girls in Thailand do and I remember lots of situations where I was with a Filipina and she repeatedly asked me “are you ok?” when I just kept quiet for a few minutes.

  • 1 Point for Thai Girls

Optimism and Encouragement

“Mai bpenrai” in Thai means literally “nevermind” or “it doesn’t matter” and even though it really does matter in some situations where a Thai girl doesn’t feel good about something, she tends to look up and forward more quickly than Pinays do who have no problem with showing you a more serious side and expect you to encourage them or come up with a solution. Thai ladies generally seem more happy, optimistic and in turn encourage you as a man more than Filipina girls do and therefore:

  • 1 Point for Thai Girls

Thai Girls win 5:4

But remember we are comparing on a very, very high level. And also keep in mind that it not only depends on your own preferences but also on what you are actually looking for: fun and sex with as many girls as possible? Then the Philippines may be the better place to go right now with slightly cheaper prices and significantly naughtier and more passionate women.

However, if you are looking for a longterm partner, then you may share my opinion that Thai girls have a few key advantages over Pinays in terms of everyday life and how the roles in the relationship are defined. But then again, of course even in Thailand this may look completely different like when you date an attractive office kind of white skinned girl she may very well be completely different from what I explained here and expect her to be the boss.

Thanks for reading, and good luck with your (ad)ventures!