How to get from Manila to Boracay (Flight / Ferry)

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You are probably reading this post because you have figured out that there is no airport in Boracay. So now you are confused as to what’s the best and fastest way to get from Manila to the white sand paradise of Boracay? Good news:

I have done this trip for the 2nd time last month, and in this post I will tell you everything you need to know.

Boracay is located about 400km south of the capital Manila, and you have 2 options on how to travel between these two places: either by flight and ferry, or by bus and ferry.

Manila to Boracay by Flight / Ferry

Boracay Airport

Manila to Boracay FlightThis is how about 98% of all tourists choose to travel. Since Boracay doesn’t have its own airport, you will have to fly to the bigger neighbor island of Panay first. There are 2 airports, and the closest one is Caticlan Airport (see picture), which is often just called “Boracay Airport” due to its proximity to the island, and the fact that the majority of the tourists arrive here.

Cebu Pacific Air is the most popular airline on the Manila – Boracay (Caticlan) route, and that’s because they usually have the cheapest fares (low cost carrier comparable to AirAsia) and quite new and modern airplanes.

If you book your flight early enough, you can get a one way ticket for less than 1,500 Pesos, but usually the price is around 2,000-2,500 Pesos. Maybe that’s because they know there are so many Koreans going on this trip and they can charge relatively much.

Cebu Pacific Air has 5 daily flights, and AirAsia has 2 daily flights. The third option is Philippine Airlines, the national carrier of the Philippines, that has 4 daily flights and free drinks and food on board, but higher prices (about 3,000 Pesos up for one way).

  • The flight time from Manila to Caticlan is 60 minutes.

From Caticlan Airport to Boracay:

Once you have arrived at Caticlan Airport, you can buy a ticket for the Boracay island transfer with Southwest Tours for 600 Pesos, including bus to the pier (10 minutes), ferry to Boracay (15 minutes), and cab from the pier to your hotel (20-25 minutes).

They have pretty much a monopoly here, and it doesn’t make much sense to walk to the pier for half an hour and buy the boat ticket there for 300 Pesos, because when you arrive in Boracay you will have to pay at least another 100 Pesos for the cab to the beach.

  • Note: There is also an “Environmental Fee” of 75 Pesos and “Terminal Fee” of 100 Pesos to be paid at the Caticlan Jetty Port.

From Kalibo Airport to Boracay:

It only makes sense to fly from Manila to Kalibo if the fares are significantly cheaper than to Caticlan. It’s about 70km from Kalibo Airport to the Caticlan Jetty Port.

  • The flight time from Manila to Kalibo is 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Southwest Tours also offers transfers between Kalibo and Boracay – the all inclusive package (bus, ferry & cab) costs 700 Pesos. Yes, that’s only 100 Pesos more expensive than from Caticlan, but the bus ride from Kalibo takes about 90 minutes, opposed to 10 minutes from Caticlan.

Manila to Boracay by Bus / Ferry

If you are a big fan of long boat trips, then you may consider traveling all the way from Manila to Boracay by ferry.

  • It’s quite a long trip though: It takes 9-10 hours from Batangas (Manila) to Caticlan Jetty Pier.

You can find detailed information and book your ticket on, it’s 973 Pesos for the Tourist Class, 1,464 Pesos for the Cabin for 4 and 3,762 Pesos for the Suiteroom for 2.

Important: The ferries don’t leave from Metro Manila, but from Batangas which is 99km south of Manila International Airport. The most popular bus company on this route is Ceres Transport that leaves in 30 minute intervals at the Buendia Terminal in Pasay (corner of Gil Puyat and Taft Ave, 268 Pesos one way, about 2 hours). See the location on the map below.

Map of Manila & Boracay Transportation