5 Places to Meet Sexy Girls in Angeles

Last updated: July 29th, 2020 | in Angeles | Filipina Girls | Luzon

If you are coming to the Philippines for the girls, Angeles City has to be on your list of places to visit. It’s the equivalent to Pattaya in Thailand – the city where young girls from all over the country come to work in the various “entertainment venues”.

One of the great things of Angeles, besides the fact that there are thousands of young Filipina ladies keen to sleep with you in exchange for a little cash (for the most part at least), is that the city is extremely easy to navigate. In fact, the red light area isn’t even located in downtown Angeles, but in an area near the bus terminal (convenient if you are taking the bus from Manila) and totally set up for tourists.

The center of the red light action is Walking Street. On this 300 meter long street you can find countless of bars, clubs, massages, hotels, restaurants, shops – and even more girls. And if you walk out the western entrance of Walking Street, you will get to Fields Avenue, that has even more places to meet girls, albeit a little bit more quiet and relaxed compared to the hustle and bustle of Walking Street.

I would recommend you to book your hotel right on Walking Street – there are plenty of good deals with rooms in the $30-$50 per night range (I wrote a top 5 list of girl friendly hotels in Angeles). This way you are in the middle of the action and don’t need to walk there every day or rely on the annoying tricycle drivers – because trust me, you will want to return to the bars of Walking Street every night.

Now, I assume you have set some sort of daily budget for your sex trip to Angeles, and if you don’t want to blow huge amounts for paying the bar fines of the girls in the go go bars every night, you should also know the other, cheaper or even free, places to meet girls for sex in this city:

Angeles Girl on Dating Site1. Online Dating Sites

Most people think that if you want to have sex in Angeles, you will always need to pay for it. But that’s not true. I know lots of guys (me included) who never pay a cent for the overpriced bar girls.

Sure, I also like to go to the go go bars, enjoy the show and maybe buy one of the girls a drink so I can chat with her and touch her sexy body.

But I don’t want to pay 3,000 Pesos or more for the bar fine (of which 1,000 goes to the owner of the bar). So instead I do it like most other expats (and also more and more tourists) and just sign up on Pina Love, the biggest free dating site in the Philippines.

There are tons of ladies who just want to have fun, make their first experiences with a foreigner, or look for a new boyfriend.

I have a chat with some of the girls on the site, then invite them for dinner, and after that to my hotel room to “hang out”, “relax” or “watch a movie” (all synonyms for “sex” of course). But sure, you have to look out as there are also some working girls (which offers still a better deal compared to the go go bars – you would pay them like 1,000 instead of 3,000 Pesos, and often they stay overnight).

2. Go Go Bars

Girls for Sex in Angeles

Going to Angeles and not visiting a go go bar is like visiting Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower. They made (and make) Angeles what it’s famous for and the big majority of all the girls are working in these bars.

It’s easy to explain why they are so popular: For the guys they are safe to use as the girls have 3 different types of IDs (work permit, health certificate & drug certificate) and there is no risk of the girl stealing or running away (or both) like it may be the case with freelancers. For the girls it’s also safe as they receive some base salary and hungry customers presented on the silver tablet every night.

About 80% of all go go bars in Angeles are located on Walking Street and its little backstreets, and the rest is spread along Fields Avenue.

The prices are 120-130 Pesos for beers, 300 Pesos for lady drinks, and 3,000-4,000 Pesos for the bar fine (including sex).

3. Night Clubs

Angeles Night Club

The next paid option for sex with girls in Angeles are the clubs. Or club I should say, because there is really only one place you need to know:

High Society. This night club in the center of Walking Street is the biggest hooker disco in the Philippines – it’s packed with a few hundred of girls every night. Most of them are freelancers, some of them are dancers from the go go bars who come there after work in case they haven’t found a customer yet, but all of them are there for one reason: To find a foreigner who pays them for having sex in his hotel (common asking price: 2,000-2,500 Pesos, negotiable).

Skytrax and Club Mix are other, smaller clubs in Angeles City, but they usually aren’t even half full. On most nights you are best off with High Society in this category.

4. Massage Salons

Angeles Happy Ending Massage

There aren’t really many fun daytime activities in Angeles, but it’s always a pleasure to have a happy ending massage.

Don’t make the mistake though and go to the salons on Walking Street – I have tried four or five places there but to my surprise only one of the girls gave me a hand job at the end of the massage.

If you want a guaranteed happy ending, then walk out to Teodoro Street (map below), where you will find about 15 smaller massage salons, like the one in my picture, and the girls who provide “specials” will usually make it very obvious (like the one in the pink shirt). Don’t expect any sex in those shops though, it’s usually “not allowed, sir!”.

5. Street Freelancers

Angeles HookersAnother reason why Angeles is so popular among sex tourists from all over the world are the countless of street walkers.

No matter whether you go to Walking Street in the middle of the afternoon or late at night – you will always see some freelance hookers on the street. They are usually walking up and down the strip with their friend (they don’t usually like to just stand around and look cheap).

Strangely, not all of them are responsive if you go over to them and say “hi, how are you?”. Really strange, if you approach an obvious prostitute in Thailand they will always respond and be ready for some sort of conversation, even if they aren’t in the mood for having sex with you.

1,000 Pesos is what most guys pay for the street hookers in Angeles, but some have a maximum limit of 700 or 800 Pesos.

Map of Places to Meet Girls in Angeles