Happy Ending Massage in Angeles (Hand Job / Blow Job)

Last updated: September 13th, 2023 | in Angeles | Filipina Girls | Luzon

Angeles City Erotic MassageOne of the great things about Angeles is that there are so many different ways to enjoy yourself with nice and sexy Filipina ladies. I have already written an overview of the various “entertainment” places and girls you can find here in the Angeles Nightlife Guide, and so today I will cover one topic in depth that a lot of you guys seem quite unsure about: The massage salons.

What do I mean by “unsure”? Well, you hear a lot of people claiming that the Philippines are not the best place to find a happy ending massage, and even in Angeles, the city of sex, it would be surprisingly unlikely for your masseuse to be willing to give you a nice hand job or blow job at the end of the treatment in exchange for a small tip.

Okay, if you compare Angeles to Pattaya then we may have a clear winner – there is no other city in the world where you can find more naughty massage salons than in Pattaya.

However, you do find more than a dozen of different massage shops in Angeles that do offer happy endings. And seriously: Do you really need more than that? Even if you spend 10 full days in this city then you can try two new massage girls every day and still have not seen it all. So yes, the selection may be bigger in Thailand and especially in Pattaya in this regards, but you will no doubt have a “special” time in Angeles, too.

There are two main areas with massage salons in Angeles: Walking Street and Teodoro Street. In these two streets you will find more than 90% of all massages in town. All other shops are located in random other streets, such as Fields Avenue and Vian Street.

I will now describe the two main areas, what makes them unique, as well as give you information on the prices, and at the end of the guide you can find the complete overview map of massages in Angeles.

Happy Ending Massage on Walking Street

Angeles City Massage Girls

You might think that the best place to go for a special massage in Angeles is Walking Street – the epicenter of the nightlife and red light action. However, it’s actually the worst place to go. Very strange, but most of the shops there don’t provide happy endings to their customers at all. “No, sir” or “It’s not allowed, sir” is what they will usually tell you. Most of the women wear the traditional Filipino massage clothes: white trousers and white t-shirts.

Maybe the bar lobby is trying to prevent erotic massages to open up on the strip out of fear that their customers are less likely to pay for lady drinks and the bar fine if they got a hand job massage just 30 minutes earlier around the corner. So the current situation is that there are about half a dozen massage salons on Walking Street and it’s very unlikely that your masseuse offers you any extra services.

In case things change in the future, I will update this guide.

Happy Ending Massage on Teodoro Street

Angeles Happy Ending Massage

Let me tell you this: All the guys who say that there are not really any special massage salons in Angeles don’t know about Teodoro Street. It’s a side alley off Fields Avenue and it has the highest concentration of massage shops in the whole city. It’s a little paradise in this category.

The reason why not all tourists know about this street is because it’s quite off the main nightlife and tourist spots, and if you walk along Fields Avenue you might easily miss it because you need to walk into this street for about 100m to discover the first massage salon. You just don’t see it from the main road and it’s so easy to get distracted by all the sports bars and go go bars around.

So just look on the map below and you should have no problems finding it. If you come from Walking Street, leave it at the western entrance and walk down Fields Avenue for about 200m before turning left into Teodoro Street. Then like I said about 100m into that street you will find the first of more than a dozen different massage salons.

Unlike on Walking Street (and most other places in the Philippines) you will even find some of the massage ladies sitting outside and eagerly offering their services to you. You can often tell right away who is more than ready to give you a nice little hand job or blow job for some tip.

The masseuses here are obviously not quite as attractive as in the girly bars and they are usually much older, too (I would say 35 on average), but you can’t really complain about spending 800 Pesos and for that getting a nice massage for one hour including a HJ. Oh, and if you are into ladyboys (or just want to try one out) then you can also find some hot ladyboy masseuses right here on Teodoro Street.

Prices of Massages & Happy Endings in Angeles

The most common type of service is the Swedish Massage (= full body massage with oil) and the typical price for that is 400 Pesos on Walking Street and 300 Pesos elsewhere. That’s for one hour and your masseuse will first work on your back, then on your arms, then on your legs, then ask you to turn around, then on your legs again, then give you a hand job or blow job (hopefully) and then finish the session with a short head and neck massage.

Now let’s come to the juicy part (literally) – the prices for the different types of happy endings:

  • Hand Job: 500 Pesos
  • Blow Job: 800-1,000 Pesos
  • Sex: Not allowed sir!

Of course the above prices are always negotiable, and if you have a good chemistry with your lady then it’s not uncommon that she will lower her price. And also important: They like to try to up-sell you to more expensive services like “Aroma Oil Massage” and stuff like that. Don’t take it, it’s basically just a different oil with a different smell and that’s what you pay double the price for. Not worth it in my opinion, just go with the standard Swedish Massage and you’ll enjoy yourself more than enough.

And one more note: It’s very rare these days that the massage ladies are willing to give you a blow job. So if you want that you might just go to Mega Dance Center and look for a freelancer who will easily give you a BJ for 800-1,000 Pesos, and that way you won’t have to pay for a massage.

Sex Massage in Angeles

Unknown to most newbies to Angeles is the all inclusive massage parlor called Serenity Nuru Spa. That’s because their location is quite off the tourist center: You can find them on the second floor of a shophouse building on Don Juico Avenue (see the blue pin on the map below).

If you walk inside you will find a reception lounge. Upon payment of 2,000 Pesos you will be taken to the introduction lounge and can take a look at the selection of therapists. Most of them are young, light skinned and very attractive. If you want you can get a drink first, chat to the girls and make up your choice. They are not pushing in any way so you can take your time.

The nuru massage lasts 90 minutes and like I already mentioned, it’s an all inclusive service. However, you are expected to tip 1,000 Pesos so the total price will be 3,000 Pesos. Yes, that’s like three times as much as your standard hand job massage, but then again this is the full program (massage & sex) and the girls are also much more attractive than in the typical massage salons.

Serenity Nuru Spa is located about 3.5 km from Walking Street. A tricycle will take you there for 80-100 Pesos and if you walk there it will take you about 30-45 minutes. Just walk all the way down Fields Avenue, at one point the street changes its name to Don Juico Avenue and the shophouse with the massage is located on the left hand side (on top of the Bank of the Philippine Islands).

Overview Map of Massage Salons in Angeles


While you might not come to Angeles primarily for massages, it can still be a fun activity during the daytime (there isn’t much of interest here besides girls and sex anyway like I described in this post). And while the massage girls are without doubt not even half as attractive as the young chicks in the lady bars, they aren’t even half as expensive as them either.

Sure, you can also go into the club and take a freelancer for 1,500 Pesos or even less and she will surely give you (oral) sex, too, but then it’s just a different experience going for a massage. It’s relaxing, good for your body, clean and easy. And well, there isn’t really much more to say on this topic. You now know where to go and how much you are expected to pay (and tip) – so have fun!