Happy Ending Massage in Boracay

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Happy Ending Massage in Boracay

Boracay isn’t really the best destination for sex tourists in the Philippines, but if you know the few places where the young Filipina ladies offer their love services to foreign men on this island, there is certainly a lot of fun to be had. I have already written a complete overview of these places in my Boracay Nightlife Guide, and today I will go into detail to one of these places: the massage salons.

The good news first:

You just need to walk along the Beach Walk from Station 1 to Station 3, or along the main road that runs parallel to the beach, and you will pass more than two dozens of massage salons.

However, now the bad news:

Almost all of the women in these massage salons look very much alike – they wear long and traditional massage clothes, and they are not willing to give you a happy ending for a tip. If this is your first time in Southeast Asia – happy ending basically means that your masseuse pulls off your towel after about 45 minutes (after the back massage and when you turned around and she is working her way closer and closer to the area between your legs), puts plenty of oil in her hand and rubs up and down your penis until you ejaculate. A so called hand job. Or sometimes they even do a blow job, it really depends on the tip you offer and if the lady likes it or not.

I’m not saying that it’s impossible to get a happy ending in the massage salons in Boracay, but it’s very, very unlikely.

So that’s what you can do: Take a look at the masseuses in the different shops, and if you feel you have a good chemistry with one of them (and she gives you an unusual nice smile), then you can try your luck and hope that she gives you that happy ending when you ask her for it later in the massage room.

  • The going rate for a 1 hour oil massage in Boracay is 400 Pesos (yes, slightly more than elsewhere in the Philippines) and a standard tip for a HJ would be 400-500 Pesos.

But don’t worry, if you think that sounds too much work or too uncertain, I have 2 good tips for you:

There are 2 options for a guaranteed happy ending (sex) massage in Boracay.

Massage Brothel in Boracay

There is a small alley connecting the Beach Walk with the main road. Not many foreigners know about it, because there are no hotels, but mostly houses where the local Filipinos live.

One of these houses is quite “special” though.

It’s a green building with a small corner shop downstairs. Go inside and you will get to a common area with a big table in the center, surrounded by several small and very simple rooms, to put it nicely.

When you go in there you will probably see a few ladies sitting around. Most of them work as freelance prostitutes in the night clubs or on the Beach Walk at night, but during the daytime they often just hang out here and drink cheap Red Horse beer.

They will probably ask you if you want to drink something with them and then, sooner or later, invite you to their room for a “massage”.

They usually ask for 300 Pesos for the massage. That’s the money they have to pay to the owner of the building. On top comes the “tip”: Depending on what you would like, a fair amount is 300-400 Pesos for a hand job, 500 Pesos for a blow job and 800-1,000 Pesos for sex. They will probably ask for more than that, then it’s up to you to bargain it down to whatever you think is appropriate.

Update: This place is now closed.

Freelance Massage Girls in Boracay

Boracay Massage Girl
Freelance Massage Girls in BoracayAnother easy option for a massage in Boracay that surely ends with a hand job, blow job or full sex are the freelancers on the Beach Walk.

Most of them tend to hang out near Station 3 in the late afternoon from about 4pm when the hottest hours of the day are over, but you never know, just take a walk and if you see an obvious hooker like the one in my picture, say hi, how are you and what are you up to.

Tell them that you are looking for a massage salon, but couldn’t find any, and if she could “help you out”. These girls usually have small rooms close by, but they will probably ask you if they can do the massage in your hotel (then you have to make sure that it’s guest friendly).

Alternatively, you can wait until the sun has set (ideally around 10-11pm when the people start going to the bars and clubs), and then you will find a lot more of these girls hanging around the Beach Walk.

Some of them just sit there and wait for someone to approach them (like you can see in my photo), while others actively walk around and tell you like “Massage, sir! Special massage. Blow job and sex, sir!”

The usually ask for 2,000 or even 2,500 Pesos, but if you think that’s too much (I do), then of course you can start bargaining.

Overview Map of Massages in Boracay

I have marked the regular massage salons with the yellow pin, the brothel with the blue pin and the freelance massage girls with the red pin.

Everyone complains about the massage scene in the Philippines and yes, while it’s not Thailand, like I showed you you just need to know the right places and you will get your happy endings – even in Boracay.