5 Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Boracay

Last updated: July 9th, 2021 | in Boracay | Hotels | Visayas

“Where do you stay?” This is often one of the first questions you get asked by bar girls in Boracay. When you tell her the hotel name and ask why she wants to know she might say like “Oh, just asking.” But of course it’s more like a way to let you know that she wants you to …
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5 Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Cebu

Last updated: June 18th, 2021 | in Cebu | Hotels | Visayas

If you are like most guys who read Philippines Redcat, a trip to Cebu means more to you than snorkeling with whale sharks or ziplining in the surrounding hills. You may do these kind of activities during the day to keep you busy, but as soon as the sun sets you would probably like to experience the …
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