5 Best Hotels for Girls & Sex in Davao

Last updated: July 20th, 2018 | in Davao | Hotels | Mindanao

It’s kind of a tradition that I create a hotel guide for every place I visit in the Philippines, and the reason for that is that I often hear stories from readers who make bad experiences when trying to bring back a girl to their room. Same case in Davao: You might think you can just …
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5 Best Hotels With Ladyboys in Angeles

Last updated: July 20th, 2018 | in Angeles | Hotels | Ladyboys | Luzon

It’s no secret that Angeles is the most popular destination for ladyboy-mongering in the Philippines. You can meet them in the different sports bars or on the streets (the so called freelancers), the massage salons, the night clubs or also on the popular ladyboy dating site Pina Love. I have written a separate guide on these …
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5 Best Hotels With Ladyboys in Cebu

Last updated: July 20th, 2018 | in Cebu | Hotels | Ladyboys | Visayas

Cebu isn’t only popular among mongers looking to meet and sleep with Filipina girls, but also among those who want to try out their first sex with a ladyboy. It’s not really a big surprise why Cebu is getting more and more popular in that regards, because if you look at most of the ladyboys in …
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5 Best Hotels for Girls & Sex in Subic Bay

Last updated: December 7th, 2018 | in Hotels | Luzon | Subic

I have written about all different types of places to meet girls in Subic and so the last topic I want to cover (for now) are good hotels to stay at during your trip. The most important thing right away: I highly recommend you to stay in Barrio Barretto. This is the name of the beach town …
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5 Best Hotels for Girls & Sex in Angeles

Last updated: October 26th, 2018 | in Angeles | Hotels | Luzon

You can’t really make a bad decision on when to visit Angeles. This little town 84km northwest of Manila is the biggest sex paradise in the Philippines and no matter if you come visit in February, August or even on Easter, when a lot of girls go home to their families, you will always find more …
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5 Best Hotels With Ladyboys in Manila

Last updated: October 19th, 2018 | in Hotels | Ladyboys | Luzon | Manila

Today’s post will be somewhat different to what you are used to on Philippines Redcat. I know a lot of you guys really like ladyboys and think about how it would be to try out meeting and sleeping with a shemale in this country. So let’s say it’s your second or third day in Manila …
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5 Best Hotels for Girls & Sex in Manila

Last updated: October 5th, 2018 | in Hotels | Luzon | Manila

One of the most challenging things when planning a holiday in Manila is to resist the temptation to jerk off five times a day in anticipation when seeing all these photos of super hot and sexy Filipina girls. Just kidding (or not?), of course I’m talking about the decision on where you should book your hotel. …
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Short Time Hotel in Manila (Victoria Court)

Last updated: September 29th, 2018 | in Hotels | Luzon | Manila

The problem with most hotels in the Philippines is that they offer a bad value for money, at least if you compare it to competing countries in the region like Thailand and Cambodia. Competing in terms for sex holidays of course. So from my experience you pay about 20-30% more in Manila compared to Bangkok for a similar …
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