5 Best Hotels With Ladyboys in Manila

Last updated: August 2nd, 2023 | in Hotels | Ladyboys | Luzon | Manila

Ladyboy in ManilaToday’s post will be somewhat different from what you are used to on Philippines Redcat. I know a lot of you guys really like ladyboys and think about how it would be to try out meeting and sleeping with a shemale in this country.

So let’s say it’s your second or third day in Manila and you have met a hot and attractive Filipina ladyboy either in one of the bars or on Pina Love, and now you want to invite her to your hotel room to “watch TV” for a while.

It’s not really difficult to meet ladyboys in the capital. There are literally hundreds of ladyboys in the bars or right on the streets of the four redlight districts.

They will all ask for some money to join you to your hotel (maybe 1,500 Pesos for a “short time”). But the good thing about it is that it’s relatively easy and straight forward – you arrange the price and off you go. However, you always have the risk that there are problems (stealing, asking for more money) and you don’t know where to find them the following day – because they aren’t employed by anyone.

If you meet a Manila ladyboy on the dating site, you may have to put in a little bit more effort, but then it’s generally safer because they usually have regular jobs (and some of them are students). Also, most of them are no prostitutes and that means they will not ask for money in order to “hang out” with you – they are as excited about watching a foreigner get an erection as you are undressing these sexy creatures and getting a boner when you just look at their hot bodies.

However, what’s a little bit more difficult is to find a hotel in Manila that is ladyboy-friendly.

Ladyboys in Manila HotelIn other words: A hotel that allows you to invite ladyboys and bring them back to your room. You might be surprised, but that’s more difficult than it sounds like: There are many hotels that are not “guest-friendly” at all and don’t allow any guests. Then there are hotels that are bar-girl-friendly, means you can bring a hooker from the girly bar for sex (or whatever you want to do with her) and I have already described the best places in this guide.

What you have to look out for is a hotel that allows not only Filipina bar girls but also ladyboys. Be careful: Some places say they are guest-friendly but then charge a so called “joiner fee” once you walk in hand in hand with a ladyboy. That’s usually about 1,000 Pesos, and sometimes even more than that. Of course you want to avoid that and ensure that the only thing they require is her Filipino ID Card – for both your and the hotel’s safety.

Next you want a hotel in a good location. And good location in Manila means either in or within walking distance to the main tourist areas (Makati, Ermita & Malate). That doesn’t only help agreeing with your ladyboy that she comes visiting you because she knows it’s safe to go there, but it’s also more convenient for you – in case your date suddenly cancels your appointment last minute (happens all the time, Filipinos can be extremely unpredictable) then you can just go to the bars or have a nice hand job massage instead.

And thirdly, your hotel should obviously offer a good value for money. That’s not always easy to find in Manila, every time I go there for a short trip and browse through the listings on Agoda I always complain why they are 20-30% more expensive than in Bangkok or Phnom Penh – for the same standard.

It does take a lot of time and research to find good value-for-money hotels in a good location in Manila that are ladyboy-friendly. So now you can either go on Agoda.com or Booking.com and do it yourself, or you can take a look at my list of the currently five best hotels with ladyboys in Manila:

Armada Hotel Manila

Manila Ladyboy HotelWhenever someone sends me an email and asks me about my personal recommendation for a hotel in Manila and I know they consider to sleep with a ladyboy, then I always recommend them the Armada Hotel. It has a great location right in the center of Malate, which is one of the red light districts in Manila, but also has the popular Robinson shopping mall and is close to Rizal Park. Also, LA Café (the most popular freelancer bar in Manila) is just a 10-15 minute walk away. The room rates for this 4 star hotel are surprisingly reasonable, starting at around 65 USD per night for their well appointed superior rooms. And thirdly, they are ladyboy-friendly. Important to know: They allow unregistered guests until 10pm and after that you will need to register her at the reception (show her ID card) and pay a room deposit of 2,000 Pesos that will be refunded upon her leaving.

Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences

Best Hotel with Ladyboys in ManilaProbably the best hotel with ladyboys in Manila, but with room rates at around 100 USD per night, this is one of the pricier options you have. The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences has a prime location in the heart of Makati (the safest and most developed area in Manila) and it’s exactly 1km from P Burgos Street away (the most popular street among tourists with countless of bars, restaurants, girls and ladyboys of course) and 1.2km to Greenbelt (the nicest shopping mall complex in Manila). They are guest-friendly but they have a policy that the rooms can have a maximum occupancy of 2 persons. So if you want to bring one guest that is fine, but if your phantasy is a threesome with two ladyboys then you would have to pay a joiner fee of 1,250 Pesos per night.

Swagman Hotel

Swagman Hotel ManilaIf you are looking for a budget hotel with room rates for around 35 USD per night, then the Swagman Hotel could be a good choice. Located in the northern part of Ermita, it’s close to all the nightlife action, Robinson shopping mall and also Rizal Park is just 500m away which is good if you want to take a walk or relax during the late afternoon hours. They also got a popular nonstop bus to Angeles that drops you right at your hotel. There are travelers from all parts of the city catching this bus so if you stay at the Swagman (and have plans to visit Angeles) then that couldn’t be more convenient. And just like all other hotels on this list, they are ladyboy-friendly and don’t charge extra for your guest.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila Hotel

Luxury Hotel with Ladyboys in ManilaIf you tell your ladyboy that you stay at the Sofitel Plaza Hotel, she will no doubt get quite excited and may even lower her price just because this is one of the nicest and most famous hotels in the capital. The views over Manila Bay are magnificent – both from the rooms and the beautiful and huge swimming pool. The Sofitel is located right at the Manila Bay and yes, you can walk to the bars and night clubs of both Malate and Ermita. However, the distance is about 3km (around 40-45 minutes walk) and you will also have to cross the main road (Roxas Boulevard). In this case I would rather recommend you to take a taxi, but keep in mind that the traffic in this area can be terrible. That’s the only reason why I didn’t put the Sofitel higher on this list – while it’s certainly a fantastic place to stay in terms of amenities and comfort, it’s rather tiring to get to the nightlife hot spots.

Victoria Court Malate

Victoria Court Manila 2I recently stayed at the infamous Victoria Court Malate hotel for the first time and it was pretty good. While the mattress could have been a little bit more soft, everything else was excellent: Each room has a different theme – such as Orient, Casino Royale, Dubai or Disney. Since this is a popular short time hotel (or drive-in hotel how the Filipinos say) each room has a private garage and you will see a lot of Filipino men driving in there with their ladies. Privacy and discretion at its best. They have several branches all over Manila so make sure you book the one in Malate – it’s just a 10 minutes walk up to the bar area, 15 minutes to Robinson and 20 minutes to Ermita red light district.

I hope you found this little guide for the ladyboy section useful – I know, not everyone is interested in these types of posts. While I will continue to focus most of my blogging on the girls, nightlife and travel scene, please be considerate and just skip over those ladyboy posts if you don’t feel interested in them.

It’s just that I see more and more men – tourists and expats alike – who feel attracted to the ladyboys (which isn’t really a big surprise, some of them look hotter than the girls) and there is nothing wrong about that. And I don’t just see this phenomenon in Manila but pretty much everywhere I travel in the Philippines – so you can expect more of these ladyboy related guides in the future. But don’t worry, the priority on Philippines Redcat will remain on chicks without dicks.