Boracay Beaches, Sunsets & Island Hopping

Last updated: May 26th, 2016 | in Boracay | Traveling | Visayas

Boracay may not be the quiet and laid back tropical paradise that it once was. If you walk along the so called Beach Walk on the main White Beach you will pass countless of restaurants, bars, tattoo sellers, hand painted t-shirt vendors and many many more opportunities to spend money. And you will be surrounded …
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5 Best Hotels for Girls & Sex in Boracay

Last updated: September 11th, 2016 | in Boracay | Hotels | Visayas

“Where do you stay?” This is often one of the first questions you get asked by bar girls in Boracay. When you tell her the hotel name and ask why she wants to know she might say like “Oh, just asking.” But of course it’s more like a way to let you know that she wants you to …
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Ladyboys in Boracay – 4 Ways To Meet Them

Last updated: August 30th, 2016 | in Boracay | Ladyboys | Visayas

As already mentioned in the Boracay nightlife guide, this might not be the best place to meet ladyboys especially compared to other tourist hubs like Angeles, Manila and Cebu. You might even spend your whole holiday without even noticing one at all. And that could be partly because you don’t know where the few ladyboys on Boracay …
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Top 4 Best Girly Bars in Boracay

Last updated: November 25th, 2016 | in Boracay | Filipina Girls | Nightlife | Visayas

“What’s going on? Where are all the girls?” That’s exactly what you might think when going out to the bars in Boracay during the late afternoon and evening. The truth is that there are simply no girly bars here that have girls employed to “entertain” the male customers. But what you instead find is freelancers …
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5 Best Night Clubs in Boracay to Meet Girls

Last updated: March 23rd, 2016 | in Boracay | Nightlife | Visayas

Boracay has the best island nightlife in the Philippines and that’s no different when it comes to partying in the night clubs. You will find a great mix of Western and Asian tourists as well as local Filipinos in these places. If you have been to Thailand before, you probably know that they like to …
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Everyone knows that Boracay has one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines (it’s often marketed as the whitest beach in the world) but the one aspect about this island that doesn’t get a lot of attention on the mainstream travel guides and blogs is the nightlife or more precisely: The different ways for …
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3 Best Malls in Cebu to Pick Up Girls

Last updated: August 26th, 2016 | in Cebu | Filipina Girls | Visayas

You don’t have to wait until it’s getting dark to meet some nice Filipina girls in Cebu in the bars and clubs. There are two ways you can go about this: You either chat with girls on the online dating sites, or you just go out to one of the many shopping malls in town, …
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Cebu City Highlights

Last updated: May 26th, 2016 | in Cebu | Traveling | Visayas

When you ask expats in the Philippines what’s their favorite place to live in this country, a lot of them wouldn’t have to think twice before saying Cebu. But it’s not only the people who spend several years of their lives here who love this island in the center of the Visayas, it’s also popular …
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5 Best Hotels for Girls & Sex in Cebu

Last updated: September 11th, 2016 | in Cebu | Hotels | Visayas

If you are like most guys who read Philippines Redcat, a trip to Cebu means more to you than snorkeling with whale sharks or ziplining in the surrounding hills. You may do these kind of activities during the day to keep you busy, but as soon as the sun sets you would probably like to experience the nightlife of Cebu …
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5 Ways to Meet Filipina Ladyboys in Cebu City

Last updated: September 25th, 2016 | in Cebu | Ladyboys | Visayas

It’s not about being gay or getting bored of Filipina girls, but a lot of foreigners these days just want to try out sex with a ladyboy. And the Philippines are, along with Thailand, the best place to go about this and that’s not just because there are so many of them, but also because …
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