Nightlife & Filipina Girls in Bohol

Last updated: March 17th, 2022 | in Bohol | Filipina Girls | Nightlife | Visayas

Bohol may not be the first place you think of when it comes to the best islands for nightlife and girls in the Philippines, but believe me, you will have a lot of fun here. It’s like a smaller version of Boracay – less bars, less clubs, less massage salons, less girls. But they do exist, just …
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Davao Highlights: Samal, Eden & Eagle

Last updated: March 11th, 2022 | in Davao | Mindanao | Traveling

It’s always great to leave Cebu for a few days and explore some of the not so touristic parts of the Philippines. A few months ago I took the ferry down to the incredibly beautiful island of Camiguin off the north coast of Mindanao (you can read my post here), and last month I decided …
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5 Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Davao

Last updated: March 11th, 2022 | in Davao | Hotels | Mindanao

It’s kind of a tradition that I create a hotel guide for every place I visit in the Philippines, and the reason for that is that I often hear stories from readers who make bad experiences when trying to bring back a girl to their room. Same case in Davao: You might think you can …
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I want to start this guide a little bit different like usually: By telling you my experience when researching for happy ending massages in Davao. It was my first day in town, I had just arrived by flight from Cebu, taken the taxi to my hotel, checked into my room and taken a shower. The first …
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3 Best Night Clubs in Davao to Meet Girls

Last updated: March 4th, 2022 | in Davao | Mindanao | Nightlife

When visiting Davao, you will probably find yourself in that situation sooner or later: You sit in one of the bars, hoping to meet a nice local girl. But as it turns out, most of the girls are here with their friends or boyfriends, and seem to completely ignore you. That’s typically what it’s like …
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4 Places to Meet Ladyboys in Davao

Last updated: March 11th, 2022 | in Davao | Ladyboys | Mindanao

Davao is not the best place in the Philippines when it comes to meeting ladyboys for sex, so if that’s one of your main priorities when choosing cities to visit here, you might just want to skip it completely and stick to the main hot spots that are Angeles and Cebu. However, if you’re mainly …
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I guess the main reason you decided to go to Davao is not to see the Philippine Eagle, but to enjoy the nightlife that is among the most diverse, fun and underrated in all of the Philippines. There are relatively few foreigners making their way down to the capital of Mindanao (with relative I mean …
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Nightlife & Filipina Girls in Davao

Last updated: March 11th, 2022 | in Davao | Filipina Girls | Mindanao | Nightlife

Davao is one of the most underrated cities in the Philippines – not only in terms of traveling, but also in terms of nightlife and having fun with sexy Filipina girls. That’s probably because Mindanao doesn’t have the best reputation, there are always incidents of kidnapping and terrorist attacks in the mostly islamic southwestern part …
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